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Daeshin MC Co., Ltd strives to provide a brighter future with a cleaner environment. Designs, manufactures, and sells only Top Quality with world class technologies products.

Dirty castor wheels ruins clean workplace environment when contaminants are driven through the factory by the contaminated wheels. The Caster Cleaner automatically cleans caster wheels perfectly, easily and instantly! It prevent indoor pollution through wheels with 99.9% powerful cleaning.

Keeping your workplace clean begins with preventing contaminants from passing into the clean area before the gates. The Cyclone Suction Mat sucks up all dirt and dust on shoe soles powerfully and instantly! With 99.37% suction rate, it creates a clean and pleasant indoor environment by vacuuming harmful substances strongly and effectively which are entering indoor through shoes.

Placed before access to any room and area, the ‘SoleClean’ Automatic Shoe Sole Cleaner is the perfect solution to improve your clean environment. Sweeping away all dirt and dust on shoe soles perfectly and effectively!

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Caster Cleaner

Cyclone Suction Mat

Shoe Sole Cleaner


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