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The transfer of dirt or foreign matter is completely underestimated by manufacturing companies. Some of the main causes of cross contamination are the soles of shoes from staff, contractors but also from tires of vehicles, forklifts and even trolleys wheels.

Dirt is transported inside sensitive zones. As it moves, it continues to pick up dirt from existing area and depositing it onto another area causing more problems. In fact, cross contamination of dirt may result in serious problems from contaminated products, poor quality to even a product recall. The only way to stop this from happening is to clean the areas (floors) and the source of the problems, shoes, wheel and the floor. Unfortunately, this requires time, labor and energy. The solution is ProfilGate®, a patented system that does this automatically without high labor and energy costs.

With ProfilGate® the problem can be solved directly by targeting the main causes of the problem – the tires of vehicles. Up to 90% of the dirt adhering to the surfaces of the tires, soles of shoes, wheels can be removed and captured.

And best of all, ProfilGate® improves on hygiene by complying with regulatory bodies, hygiene standards used in the prevention of foreign matter (i.e. HACCP, SQF 2000: Control of Physical Contaminants, BRC and ISO 22000) and anywhere where dirt contamination is a problem.

Note*: Available only at Thailand
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